Deciding Upon The Most Suitable Design Of Curtain Poles To Use In Your Property

Published: 28th March 2011
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Right now you will discover a considerable assortment of curtain poles, which are available from high street stores or specialised websites, designed to match up with all kinds of heavy and light fabrics and different decor styles. Many wooden curtain poles and metal curtain poles can be purchased in numerous color styles and finishes to fit your wallet.

Opt for curtain poles that match your interior room style and design

Having possibly wooden curtain poles or metal curtain poles to hold your curtains, allows you to consider numerous curtain styles, that include those that have eyelets or tab tops, and also standard pencil pleated curtains. A considerable choice of finial styles can be purchased to match your purchased pole. This decorative end piece could have a major influence on the general design effect and really should be chosen to complement the interior style and design of the room in your home.

The style and type of pole selected is likely to be influenced by the style of curtain you intend to hang on it and the amount of space available.

Curtain pole systems are a desirable choice

As an alternative to obtaining individual pole components, you could think about obtaining a complete package, including the pole, finials, supports plus curtain rings. Quite a few people will pick a package mainly because it can be a more simple option that will ensure you create a total matched finish for your new curtains.

You can fix your curtain poles either directly on to the wooden window frame or alternatively, to the solid wall above it. Placing the pole, to the wall, above your window frame, has the benefit of excluding far more light. After picking the right solution to meet your needs, you must allow enough room to fit the finials and a sufficient amount of over hang to enable you to draw back the curtains.

Angled poles can be purchased for bay windows

Curtain poles come in a range of lengths. A lot of poles can be cut down to fit or even extended, angled poles can also be found for bay windows. The thickness of the pole is another factor. You'll need to decide upon thicker poles for quite heavy curtains, whereas it will be possible to hang lightweight curtains on less substantial poles.

Purchase the ideal type and style of pole and you will definitely provide a gorgeous centre piece for your room.

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